eMUG v2 Launch Pack – Fully Loaded!


an everGIFT range from evermedia

It’s not just a mug… It’s an eMUG!

It’s a beautifully personalised for you by professional artists (not apps)… point a phone at it and up pops your special video!

You want one? Just send us your photos and the video you want configured for your eMUG and we will do the rest.

See what you get in our Special Launch Pack

Professional Design of Your eMUG by Professional Artists!
Your eMUG will be designed and professionally personalised by one of our artists. You get exactly what you want and it will look pleasingly professional. We hope you enjoy the whole creative journey as we do.
Full personal attention and support
You will be dealing with your personal Customer Success Manager You need no technical knowledge and we will guide you through easy ways to get your photos and videos to us, be it by upload or post.
Your video is served on fastest industry standard platform
We do anything to make sure that your eMUG recipient enjoys the speed of video loading regardless of where on the planet.
Full mug height, edge to edge print!
Full height printing gives over 20% space to show more of your photos and message
Minimum 5 Years operation by default (was 2 Years)
Your eMUG will operate for at least 5 years. You can always extend it to 10 or 20+ years.
eMUG is Dynamic!
This means you can change the video that is linked to your eMUG by simply buying an Update Pass. Imagine giving one Birthday eMUG to someone and have it play a different message to them each year! Or if you are an artist you can showreel your latest work on an eMUG or an eCARD.
Now up to 4 videos can link to one eMUG!
Latest upgrade of eMUG means you can have several videos as well as video links to youtube or your own cloud (iCloud, DropBox, Google etc). Now your eMUG can tell that many more stories!
Free Support for full operational life of eMUG (and beyond)
You can rest assured that someone will always be here to help answer any questions or solve any problems you may have. Even if your eMUG has past it’s operational life, we will be happy to help in any way including revival of your eMUG.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
If for any reason you are unhappy with your eMUG, simply return it to us (in original packaging and intact) for immediate refund or replacement.




All you need to do is to give us the photos and a name or short message (recipient of eMug) and evermedia will configure everything for you. You do not need any technical knowledge and everything is done with a combination of email and conversations with us and you will be allocated a Success Manager who will ensure you succeed in whatever you goals.


eMUG was specifically designed to be user friendly and easy to use for 3 to 120+ year olds. All it needs is a phone or tablet that is connected to Wifi. Just open the camera app (as if you are going to take a photo) and point at the eMUG making sure the Smart Tag is in view... a link pops up and user taps the link and sits back and enjoys the video message. Note that iPhones and iPads already have QR reader built into their camera app and so do the latest Android devices. If the Android device does not have QR detection facilities then simply have one installed, free from Google Play. Click Here to see list of QR reader apps on Google Play. To summarise... It's as easy as Scan.Tap.Watch! Simply point any phone's or tablet's Camera or QR reader to Scan the mug, Tap the popup link and Watch your special video... anytime, anywhere!


The evermedia Smart Video Tag on eMUG activates a video (your video) served on our network. The magic also happens behind the scenes to ensure a wonderful experience for the user. These include serving your video on high speed video servers backed by high speed content delivery network (CDN). A CDN is a highly-distributed platform of servers that helps minimize delays in loading web page content by reducing the physical distance between the server and the user. This helps users around the world view the same high-quality content without slow loading times. So altogether we provide you and your recipients with a near no wait, no annoying adverts (like you would get if your video was on YouTube). All to make sure a magical experience for the eMug owners.


No. If the person or people you are sending this gift to, use iPhones, iPads or later Android phones, they can simply use the standard Camera app to scan the QR code. On older Android devices you can install one of many free QR code apps.

evermedia has developed a simple QR scanner that requires no app or installation and runs right your browser. Our scanner has been specifically designed with your safety and security in mind. Note that there are limitations on the browser type apps attempting QR scanning which include inability to control the focus of the camera. For this reason when using a browser type app attempting to scan a QR code, please move your phone forward and backward (very gently) over the QR code. You need good lighting too. The brighter the surrounding the easier the QR is recognised. Avoid light reflecting directly off the QR code. Specially on eMUGs that have a shiny surface. You can access evermedia's eyePlayer here.

After checkout you will receive a link for uploading your photos and videos for personalising your Magic Video product.


Depending on seasonal trends you will have your eMug within 14 days (after we receive your photos and video). We do offer Express services if you need yours faster.


No problem. eMug was designed to cater for real life situations. You can submit update for your video or complete replacements for only £12.50.


1 - PHOTOS: You can have up to 5 photos used to personalise your gift. However feel free to send upto 8 of your favourites photos to give our designers a wider choice.

2 - PHOTOS: The higher the quality of your photos the better. If your photo quality is not of good standard we will let you know.

3 - VIDEO: Ideally your video should be under 10 minutes but longer videos of up to 30 mins are catered for at no additional cost. If your video is longer please select .

4 - VIDEO: Video uploads are limited to 200MB. This should be plenty most cases.

5 - VIDEO - Larger than 200MB Video Files? No problem... a) EverMedia can send you a File Request (a link to click and upload your files) or b) you can use services offered by MyAirBridge.com and send your file(s) to the email address: "magic-yourname@evermedia.co.uk" - please replace yourname part of the email address with your actual surname.

6 - DESIGN - Have your own design? No problem, just upload it to us for implementation.

If you don't have a video why not use your mobile phone and video yourself and your family/friends, sending fun and loving messages to loved ones! 

If you don't have a video and want one made professionally, contact us (mail@evermedia.co.uk, 01200 405070) to discuss making you a special 5 - 10 minute professionally produced video/slideshow (from £49.50 - £129.50 depending on complexity ).

Are your videos on old camcorder or VHS tapes? Do you want memories from your cine films, photographs, slides, negatives and audio cassettes? Please use our professional digitisation services. Click Here

NO TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED... evermedia will guide, setup and personalise each mug with your images, message and your special video!