8mm & 16mm Cine Films

Watch Your Films in HIGH DEFINITION!

Your Cine Films are scanned using latest Telecine equipment on a Frame-by-Frame basis in High Definition. This results represent a superb reproduction of your films. But that’s not where it ends… We offer more customisation than ever before to ensure you only pay for what you need and above all, get exactly what you need.

Finally your films are generated for DVD, Blu-ray, MPEG4 or any other desirable format for viewing & editing.

From as little as £17.16 per reel or less!*

* One 50ft (3″) silent reel to MP4 using Raw Basics service & No Rush processing by Cloud download.

1 x 50ft Cine Film to MP4 by Cloud – Professional Picture Enhancements to HD! – Post Monday… Watch Friday!


10 x 50ft Cine Films to MP4 by Cloud – Professional Picture Enhancements to HD! – Post Monday… Watch Saturday!


1 x Video Tape, 1 x Cine Film, 10 x Photos – Super Cloud Sampler – Special Deal Pack


Do it Once.. Do it Right…

We can take your footage, from it’s raw and aged state, and revive it to perfection levels. EverMedia offers a range of professional treatment options including:

  • Frame by Frame Scanning at HD Resolution,
  • Adjustment to Colour, Brightness, Contrast & Gamma Levels
  • Sharpness Adjustment
  • Cutting out long blank parts
  • Cutting out extremely over or under exposed footage
  • Adjusting the speed of film for real-to-life motion speed
  • Split or joining of clips by events
  • Backed by EverMedia’s 20 years of expertise & guaranteed satisfaction

Get it all done in 4 easy steps... 

Free & No Obligation Pricing Service 

1 - Use the new all-in-one calculator to get an estimate of costs on screen and by email (incl. shipping labels etc)

2 - Check-in your package to get shipping labels and references (click-here) and package & Post or Courier your material to us. No payments are required when you send your media to us for free pricing & advice.

3 - On receiving your package, we inform you of exact costs & options... Then you decide, to proceed or not. In the case of not, we will simply return your material, and you owe us nothing. To proceed, you pay by online banking, or PayPal credit/debit card.

4 - Your Conversions are delivered to you ready to enjoy!



20 Years of Insight @evermedia Gives You

1 - Low Price Guarantee (up to 10% competitive price cut) 

2 - New "No Rush" service saving you up to 12% 

3 - New "Monthly Premiere" - Spread cost & deliveries!

4 - New "Express" service - from 3 days!

5 - New All-in-one digitisation price Calculator!

6 - New "everGIFTs range - eMUG, eCARD, eSTICKER" - Exclusive from evermedia!

7 - 100% Satisfaction Guarantee (20 Years track record)

8 - Over 2500 service variation & customisation options at down-to-earth prices!

9 - Assurance... You Do it Once & You Do it Right...


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