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Introducing EverMedia

everPrime Service

To guide and help you manage your entire family photos, videos, audio recordings and important documents & memorabilia 

Remember & Be Remembered!

What do everPrime Members get?

* Exclusive discounts of up to 45%!
Applies to all services including Videos, Cine Films, Photos, Slides, Negatives, Audio Cassettes. 
Example – Video tapes to MP4 (incl enhancements & upscale to HD) onto USB stick:
10 x Tapes: Non-members @ £18.40 – Members @ £16.10 each
20 x Tapes:  Non-members @ £17.76 – Members @ £13.80 each
30 x Tapes: Non-members @ £17.04 – Members @ £12.65 each

ASDA: £47.00 per tape (No enhancements / not upscaled)
JESSOPS: £45.00 per tape (No enhancements / not upscaled)

* Exclusive discounts on Professional Video editing and everGIFTs range – up to 50% off!
A typical birthday video production using our professional editing services can cost anywhere from £150.00 – £1000+. As an evePrime member you can enjoy the same productions from as little as £95.00 – £500+!

* Free 30min consultation with your own allocated Success Manager
This is where we get together and plan out your journey in gathering, organising and sharing all your family memories. Here we also address any specific requirements and to provide you with a customised production using over 2500 combination of services.

* Option to join the early adopter programme, in our unique everTV services.
Create your own family TV channel and share your family history and stories in one place & for generations to come! everPrime members will enjoy one year subscription to everTV free!

* Periodic Free eBooks
We will keep you up-to-date with latest developments in video and image processing and AI tools. The eBooks will be filled with tips, facts, information and tools for organising, managing and protecting, your audio-visual family memories & stories

* 25% off everCareTV – Coming Soon!
Let your loved ones in care homes, living alone, or simply living away, to enjoy watching your own family TV channel, streaming family videos, photo albums, daily video messages & updates, funny stories and everything that matters to you and your family… for generations to come.

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British Forces Discounts

EverMedia is proud to offer highly discounted, high quality media digitisation and video production by mail-order to the British Forces Staff. Have all your family or service videos, cine films, photos, slides, negatives, audio tapes and more to digital format on USB, DVD, Blu-ray, YouTube, Cloud and more.  See the video below produced by one of our customers following digitisation of these rare footage on cine films by EverMedia.

everPrime Service is to address and remove the following pain points in maintaining and managing the vast amount of family videos and photos we have…

What does your organised chaos look like when it comes to Your Family Photos & Videos?

  • Do you worry that you may lose your photos and videos?
  • Do you have various family members who have and continue to gather lots of photos and videos?
  • Do you sometimes think about how you are going to make sure all your family history on photos and videos are passed onto the next generations?
  • Do you wonder if the next generation will keep the family history going for the following generations?
  • Do you worry about privacy when sharing your family photos and videos on social media (facebook, WhatsApp,…)?
  • Do you wish you had all the facilities of facebook and youtube but in an app specifically configured for your family?
  • Do you sometimes spend hours, even days looking for a particular photo or video?
  • Do you wish you could find any photo or video within 5 seconds?
  • Do you think if you had an easy access to a single place or app for all your family photos, videos and stories, that you would create more personalised videos for loved ones as gifts? For example on Mother’s Day, do you prefer to give flowers and chocolate or a movie made about your mother? Or a short video of photos/videos of you and your nephew for his 21st birthday…
  • Do you find that your family members are on different platforms like Android & Apple and sometimes confusing how to share things?
  • Have you ever had any photos , negatives or 35mm slides scanned recently and imported them to your phone’s photos? If so… assume your scans were of photos from 1980. However the scan date was say in 2021 making the photo apps think photo was taken in 2021! So when you import these to your phones the 1980 images appear amongst photos in 2021 🙁 NO WORRIES… We have the solution that will be revealed in our new eBook soon!



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Please package and write the address above on your package & write your address at the back of the package. You can drop off your package to the above address Mon-Fri 8.30am-4pm. Note that this is a secure drop-off location and our studios are not located at this address. Therefore the staff are unable to answer any questions and your queries should be directed to mail@evermedia.co.uk 


 "If you are looking for great Customer service, look no further than EverMedia. I have had special requests for specific conversions and EverMedia have always fulfilled my wish and in many cases enhanced the original product. The service and products are indeed very good value for money. Highly recommended and reliable."

Mrs E. T.

Why Use EverMedia?

  • Over 20 years of expertise
  • Proven track record of 100% customer satisfaction
  • Trusted by over 7000 businesses and individuals/families
  • Over 40,000 successful projects 
  • Featured in: The Sunday Times, The Observer Magazine, The Sunday Post, Your Dog Magazine
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