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Do It Once… Do It Right!

If you are looking for a high quality service, extreme care & attention and results customised to your exact needs then this service is for you. 

We are pleased to offer a professional transfer of your videos to DVD/Blu-ray and any File format for your Mobile devices, SmartTVs, Editing and Archiving.

Domestic formats: VHS, VHS-C, Betamax, S-VHS, Video8, Hi8, Digital8, MiniDV, MicroMV

Professional formats: DVCam, HDV, UMatic, BetacamSP

From as little as £17.60 per tape!*

* One tape to MP4 using Raw Basics service & No Rush processing by Cloud download.

Price covers up to 2 hours of actual footage! Additional hours at £5.00 per hour or upto. 


We place your requirements and the safety of your precious material at the heart of our operation. So you can expect nothing but the highest levels of customer care, service, quality, privacy & personalisation from EverMedia.

1 x Video Tape to MP4 by Cloud – Free Professional Upscale to HD! – Post Monday.. Watch Friday!


6 Video Tapes to USB or Cloud – Special Deal


Features of evermedia Standard Service: 

  • Professional Digitisation 
  • Essential Editing and Treatments 
  • Audio Balancing / Adjustment
  • Mono Audio converted to Stereo 
  • Overscan Area Removal (small strip of interference at bottom of analogue video playback)
  • Highest quality output in future-proof digital formats
  • Output options: USB, DVD, Blu-ray, Cloud, YouTube, and more
  • Optional: Professional Editing and Splitting up long footage by events, people, or anything you desire.

What level of pampering do you want for your videos...


  • Raw Basics Service - Gives like with like with no modifications or enhancements - Lower cost option and suitable if you plan to do your own enhancements and editing. Generally this is the level of service offered by most suppliers/supermarket concessions.
  • Standard Service (recommended) - evermedia's Standard service offers an extra layer of pampering, improving sound and picture quality (if applicable).
  • Perfection Service - evermedia Perfection service includes everything in the Standard service plus scrubbing through the footage, removing any unwanted footage like blank parts, floor/ceiling/caps left on recordings etc. The result is what the name indicates. Perfect to watch and enjoy.
  • Standard/Perfection Events Service - The Events service variation, splits your footage into separate evens. For example on a tape you may have 2 hours of footage covering School Play, Christmas and a Birthday. In this case you receive 3 files, one for each event.


Get it all done in 4 easy steps... 

Free & No Obligation Pricing Service 

1 - Use the new all-in-one calculator to get an estimate of costs on screen and by email (incl. shipping labels etc)

2 - Check-in your package to get shipping labels and references (click-here) and package & Post or Courier your material to us. No payments are required when you send your media to us for free pricing & advice.

3 - On receiving your package, we inform you of exact costs & options... Then you decide, to proceed or not. In the case of not, we will simply return your material, and you owe us nothing. To proceed, you pay by online banking, or PayPal credit/debit card.

4 - Your Conversions are delivered to you ready to enjoy!



20 Years of Insight @evermedia Gives You

1 - Low Price Guarantee (up to 10% competitive price cut) 

2 - New "No Rush" service saving you up to 12% 

3 - New "Monthly Premiere" - Spread cost & deliveries!

4 - New "Express" service - from 3 days!

5 - New All-in-one digitisation price Calculator!

6 - New "everGIFTs range - eMUG, eCARD, eSTICKER" - Exclusive from evermedia!

7 - 100% Satisfaction Guarantee (20 Years track record)

8 - Over 2500 service variation & customisation options at down-to-earth prices!

9 - Assurance... You Do it Once & You Do it Right...


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