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What Our Customers Say about our Photographic Services

Ms. A. P. "EverMedia Conversion Services processed original slides to digital images, providing a service of very high quality. Correspondence by telephone and e mail was always extremely courteous and helpful and the manager did everything he could to produce the images to suit my specifications. The quality of the images was very impressive, especially in comparison to those that I had originally had produced by a high street retailer. I would highly recommend using EverMedia for digital conversions. "


About Scanning Resolutions...

The scanning resolutions we offer vary from 600dpi to 4000dpi depending on the source and your requirements. All our quoted resolutions are "True Optical" Resolution (not interpolated by software). Having a slide scanned at 4000dpi (as opposed to our popular standard of 1200dpi) gives you sufficient resolution for printing your image on a massive billboard!! If that is what you need then fine, otherwise you will be handling very large and cumbersome files (slow to display, slow to edit, occupying extra unnecessary disc space).

Preserve your memories on Photos, Slides & Negatives. Let EverMedia take the complications and technicalities away from you. Just tell us what you have and what you want to achieve and we will give you best advice and clear pricing for your job.

We manually scan all material at high enough resolutions for any purpose such as printing, generating Standard or High Definition Slideshows, sharing with friends & family and more.

How are EverMedia scans compare with other service providers?

Most suppliers tend to rely on the scanner automated features to digitally clean the images. We do NOT however activate any automatic image cleaning / restoration (such as ICE, Dust/Scratch Removal, etc) on our professional scanners. Generally any automatic cleaning features offered by software or scanners tend to slightly blur the image. We avoid these auto-correct facilities and can provide you with sharpest pictures. Once we have your high quality and sharp scan, we then manually edit the image and remove unwanted spots and dust/marks etc. The final stage is to colour balance and adjust brightness and contrast to give your image a fresh look.

Do it Once... Do it Right!

Slideshow & Cine Film

See how you can have your still images from slides, photos & negatives mixed with cine films to complete your precious memories.

Slideshow with Pan/Zoom

Let us bring your still images from Photos, Slides & Negatives to Life by applying artistic Pan/Zoom effects to each image. This is much more engaging than just throwing images on screen one after another - Do you agree?

Slideshow with Titles

See how you can relay your message using static or rolling/scrolling titles in your slideshow. Little touches like these make the whole thing even more special.

Turn Your Pictures into a Memorable Slideshow Movie

A Slideshow Movie of your memories can be a perfect Gift for any occasion.... Birthdays, Anniversaries, Reunions, Weddings, Family Documentaries, Special Events and more...

With our full in house facilities and artistic expertise you can rely on EverMedia to produce a memorable record of your photos, slides and negatives. Your images can be mixed with other material such as videos and Cine films. Watch the samples below and see how a combination of music, transitions, Pan/Zoom effects and titles can go hand in hand to make your next masterpiece.

What you get
Professional Scanning & Image Enhancements
  • Each Slide or Negative is cleaned with specialist film fluid
  • Photos are wiped and loose dirt is removed
  • Items are scanned on professional flatbed scanners
  • Each image is individually enhanced by our operators. Images are cropped, colour balanced, brightness/contrast adjusted and digitally cleaned.
  • Before we release the images another operator quality checks all images and any final adjustments are made
  • All in all you are assured to receive the best results from your photographic material.
Output Options - CD, DVD & Blu-ray
  • Your images are produced in JPEG or TIFF format and are placed on CD (as data disc).
  • You can optionally ask to have the final images available for you to download from the Net.
  • You can also ask for a DVD or Blu-ray Slideshow of your images.
  • Use our Professional Slideshow service to create a memorable and special slideshow movie
  • You can even have your images edited in with your existing Videos & Cine films

The Calculator / Order Form below provides you with all the popular options. However if you require something not listed, please contact us.
How Much? How to Order?

Price Calculation & Ordering

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4 - We confirm exact pricing for your approval

5 - We schedule & invoice your job

6 - You pay by online banking, debit or credit card over the phone or by cheque

7 - Your Conversions are posted or ready for your collection

Online Calculator / Order Form
Calculato / Order Form


Find the Order Form / Calculator Complicated?

We have provided the Online Calculator / Order Form to handle most popular options. However if you are after a no frills conversion or the Order Form does not cover the options you require, simply tell us your requirements and let us work out the costs and options for you.

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