Other Services
Power Point Presentations to DVD!
Month, DD, YYYY
Bring the convenience of DVDs to your presentations. Just imagine, no need for a PC & PowerPoint Software. All you need is a DVD Player and using the remote control you can have thousands of slides on a single DVD. Have your presentation Auto-Play or control it slide by slide. Contact us to discuss your requirements.
Web Based Form Design
Month, DD, YYYY
Some times you want your online forms to do more than posting the information entered by the user to your email. May be there are complex calculations and other intelligence you want your form to perform. Contact us for a chat to see how we can help you achive your goals in no time. Prices of forms start from £90.00 depending on complexity.
Magnetic Optical Disc Conversion
Month, DD, YYYY
Magnetic Optical Discs were used before DVDs came along. Many Hospitals used these discs to record medical scan results. EverMedia is able to convert these MO Discs to standard DVD or directly onto external hard drives for your archiving and convenient retrieval requirements. Prices start from £30 per side.
Full System Design & Management
July 15, 2013
We are very excited to introduce our System Design & Management Services. With over 30 years of IT and Systems Design/Development experience you can be sure of 1st class advice at rock bottom prices. Contact us today and see how we can ease your Systems production.
Creative Service Design
July 10, 2013

With over 30 years of solid experience in IT technologies, Business Administration & Creative Design Thinking, we can review brand new as well as existing businesses and to facilitate the right co-creative & Collaborative environment to enhance your Customers' Experience in using your products and services. If you understand the importance of Service Design (or if you don't) you would want to contact us today.

Web Site Design
July 1, 2013
We can now use some of the latest tools to produce web sites for any business large or small. Using the latest tools enables us to apply our experties in User Interface & design to produce low cost and highly effective web sites.
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