8mm & 16mm Cine Films
What you get
Film Scanning, Digitisation & Enhancements
  • Frame by Frame Scanning at HD Resolution,
  • Adjustment to Colour, Brightness, Contrast & Gamma Levels
  • Sharpness Adjustment
  • Cutting out blank parts
  • Cutting out extremely over or under exposed footage
  • Adjusting the speed of film for real-to-life motion speed

Pricing is the same for both 8mm & 16mm films. A calculator is provided in the Order Form below to assist you in pricing the digitisation cost of your films.
Output Options - DVD & Blu-ray
  • DVD / Blu-ray disc printed with title of your compilation
  • Custom designed DVD/BRD case cover using images from your films
  • Auto-play disc with 2 seconds pause between films
  • Chapter Pointers at start of each film (use your remote Prev & Next button to navigate through films)
  • For further customisation options see below.

Output Options - File Format
File Formats for Editing and Archiving
The following formats usually occupy large amount of disc space. The following formats are transported back to you on an external hard drive or USB stick (supplied by you or we can source the drives for you). All file resolutions are HD 1920 x 1080.

  • Image-Sequence (recommended)
  • MPEG2
  • H.264 / MPEG4
  • QuickTime Photo-JPEG
  • Most other formats supported... Please contact us

Your Cine Films are scanned using latest Telecine equipment on a Frame-by-Frame basis in High Definition. This results in sharpest picture quality as source.

After initial scan your digitised films go through a manual editing process where we remove blank parts, adjust colour, balance brightness/contrast/sharpness and gamma. Then the speed of the film is adjusted to play at natural speed (no more Charlie Chaplin effects!).

Finally your films are generated for DVD, Blu-ray, MPEG4 or any other desireable format for viewing & editing.

What Our Customers Say about our Cine Conversion Service

Mr. J. F. "I just had a first look at the Mini-DV tapes you made from my old Super-8 films, and I have to say that I am delighted with the quality of the transfer. Definition is just as good as the original film. Colours are bright and clear, and the colour balance is spot on. Chroma bandwidth is fine - almost no colour bleed to be seen. No added grain or noise in the picture (plenty of blobs and stuff from the age of the film, some of which goes back about 35 years, but that's not your problem). Screen illumination is entirely even all over - no darkening at the edges. All in all, you offer an excellent service, first rate value for money. I would happily recommend you to anyone wanting to get their old movies on to a more modern format."


8mm & 16mm Sample Movie
How Much? How to Order?

Price Calculation & Ordering

1 - Use our Online Calculator / Order Form to get an estimate of costs

2 - Print & Submit the Order Form

3 - Post or Drop off your material

4 - We confirm exact pricing for your approval

5 - We schedule & invoice your job

6 - You pay by online banking, debit or credit card over the phone or by cheque

7 - Your Conversions are posted or ready for your collection

Online Calculator / Order Form
Calculato / Order Form


Find the Order Form / Calculator Complicated?

We have provided the Online Calculator / Order Form to handle most popular options. However if you are after a no frills conversion or the Order Form does not cover the options you require, simply tell us your requirements and let us work out the costs and options for you.

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