Audio Cassettes Conversion Calculator & Order Form

How to Order

Using Order form on left:

1 - Define the quantity of tapes to be digitised

Enter the number of tapes based on whether one side or both sides have been recorded on.  If you are not sure not to worry and take your best guess. All orders will be confirmed for your approval before we proceed with the conversions. 
Feel free to call us on 01200 405070 for assistance.

2 - Splitting Audio & Editing Options
Once we digitise your tape we can split the audio into separate chunks or tracks based on your exact needs. If this is desireable select the number of audio clips we should extract from your full recording.

3 - Output Options
You can have your audio cassette transferred to Audio CD, MP3 or both. We can even create you a movie playing each side of your tape over an image provided by you - This movie is then uploaded to YouTube so you can share it with your audience.


4 - Packaging & Presentation
Have your CD(s) in plain Jewel case or go for a full size DVD case with a custom cover. Alternatively choose one of our low cost PVC or paper wallets.

5 - Choose Your Preferred Delivery Option
Once your conversions are completed you can collect your source material and results yourself or we can return these by a number of secure means. Our Risk Free Delivery Service involves posting you your results first and on your confirmation of receipt and satisfaction we then return the source material by Recorded Delivery.

6 - Fill in Your Contact Details
Our No-Nonsense Privacy Policy: We do not share your information with anybody unless you specifically ask us to.

7 - Print this estimate and include it in your package

Use the 'Print' button to print & include the estimate with your tape(s).  If you dont have access to a printer just Submit the order and include your name and address with your tapes.

8 - Fill in & Print Tape Lables (optional)
Use the "Tape Lables" Tab above the form to fill in your tape titles and any special instructions. You can then print and cut out the lables to attach to each tape. This is optional and if your tapes are already numbered and labeled you need not repeat the process.

9 - Package & Send Your Order or Drop it off in person
If you are local to our Warrington office you can drop off your order Mon-Fri, 9.00am - 5.30pm. Alternatively you can Post the order at any Post Office. We recommend you use Royal Mail Special Delivery. To Book a Courier company to collect your parcel from your premises and deliver to us, please click on the Parcel Collection Link above.

Once we receive your films we will email you a confirmation of pricing and discuss any other requirements and options. You will not be committed to the order until you give your full approval to proceed with your order. In the unlikely event that you do not wish to proceed we will return your material to you by your choice of Recorded Delivery, Special Delivery or Courier at cost + £5.00 packaging & handling.

Once we confirm the exact cost and receive your full approval to proceed, you can settle the order by Credit Card over the phone (+3% Surcharge), Debit Card over the phone (No surcharge), online banking (No surcharge), PayPal (4% Surcharge) or by Cheque (No Surcharge).

On the order form click on the Rating Stars to let us know how you have found the website and the ordering process. Thank you!

Once you have completed as much information as possible click on the "Submit" button to email us your order. We will immediately secure your position in our Cine conversion queue.